Go Trot & Come in the Snow

We have deep snow in the back paddock. Yesterday we played “go trot and come” in the snow with ChoCho. His version of this Waterhole Ritual of Carolyn Resnicks, is quite lively and dandy. Enjoy his youthful stallion-ness.

An Illustrative Journal of Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals

I am participating via internet in a series of telecalls and workshops presented by Carolyn Resnick. For a look at the extraordinary horsemanship and professional coaching she provides, please check out her blog at


Since I am still recuperating from surgery, I am only auditing the workshops- not actually doing them with my horses. I decided instead of just listening in, to journal by illustrating feeling-energy-archetypes that arise during each session.

I will post them in order according to the ritual underway.

Please note: the illustrations are NOT to be taken literally. In this first instance, for example, a person is portrayed on top of a horse, whereas the Waterhole Rituals take place only on ground at liberty.

Ritual One: Sharing Territory

Illustration One: Maidens

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