An Illustrative Journal of Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals

I am participating via internet in a series of telecalls and workshops presented by Carolyn Resnick. For a look at the extraordinary horsemanship and professional coaching she provides, please check out her blog at

Since I am still recuperating from surgery, I am only auditing the workshops- not actually doing them with my horses. I decided instead of just listening in, to journal by illustrating feeling-energy-archetypes that arise during each session.

I will post them in order according to the ritual underway.

Please note: the illustrations are NOT to be taken literally. In this first instance, for example, a person is portrayed on top of a horse, whereas the Waterhole Rituals take place only on ground at liberty.

Ritual One: Sharing Territory

Illustration One: Maidens

First Time_ed

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