The name Alderlore means “tales of the Alder” . The word “lore” means a story or tale that is associated with wisdom. The Alder trees that line our pond and hug our banks, provide food and shelter for numerous birds and the beaver and mink; create good fishing grounds for our heron; and are a delight for the hungry bees of spring. According to celtic tree folklore, the Alder is associated with both fire and water – making it the quintessential example of non-duality or integration of opposites – and is also associated with Phoenix- like qualities of regeneration, renewal and re-birth.

Astrologically, Alder is associated with Aries – and that is my birth month, as well as the stallion, Khemancho.

This then is the story of Alderlore – the wisdom that is created here, cultivating renewal, rebirth and integration– where fire energy and water energy meet and mutually self-liberate into steamy joy!