Just Be Yourself

I have been witnessing Klaus Hempfling for a little over five years now, through his books, DVD’s and website http://hempfling.com/   I find him to be a remarkable teacher, and one who is most closely aligned with the Alderlore Experiment. Alderlore’s tag line “To Know the Horse is to Recognize Your Self” suggests a kind of developmental progress, from engaging the situation that the horse brings to you, to engaging the self to which the horse has carried you in the process. The underlying theme is that the horse is always carrying us forward to our own destiny– which is our most fundamental self- our authentic core which is the life-force. Similarly, we can follow Klaus as he moves from  horse to self to life-force, each turn like the turn of the dharma wheel, both a circle and a spiral. Here is his latest short clip – just put up on the web. I hope you enjoy it and absorb the energy and enthusiasm it offers.

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