The Sergeant

This was submitted by the human, girasol:

Hm, this is fascinating. Can’t wait to see the types…as for what type am I? A good observer with a love of studying pattern, movement, color and form; a bit solitary; delighting in small details; very visual. But also prone to impatience and anger, though I tend to anger very slowly and not express it immediately.

My old horse had an opinion about me yesterday, when I left her tied to the arena wall and rode another horse first. She spent the whole time glaring at me and trying to untie the rope with her teeth.

Your description of yourself aligns with the nature of the Sergeant archetype. Here at Alderlore Mehrjhana is our Sergeant.

The Sergeant is razor sharp, fiery, independent, fast, hardy, generally healthy, fairness-loving, exceptional horse, still wild in his nature, and mostly fixated on one particular person. … his whole nature is marked by a joyful clever competence and practical common sense.

The Sergeant can become very unpleasant when he is with people who are indecisive and cannot communicate the sense of their actions without confusion. Then he becomes the commander, the boss, and with full force. … The Sergeant senses  great abilities in herself, and does posses them, but is thoroughly content with a secondary or subordinate position.

The Sergeant will go through thick and thin with his human, possessing both severity and inner robustness.

If the Sergeant does not have a clear relationship with a person, then he can sometimes become aggressive. He will soon feel lonely and abandoned, and then develop a rebellious nature, finally retreating further and further into himself in sadness.

If this human  finds the right horse counterpart– a strong, self-confident humanhorson who strives for fairness, order, and proportion, who wants to be  schooled, can be  shown the world, and can  give him a lot of time– the Sergeant can give this person a wonderful insight into the freedom that horses carry within themselves. For the right horse, there is much joy to be found with this person.

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