What type of horse are you?

ChoCho Hello friends (horses and humans alike). I want to talk about what kind of horse a person is (or what kind of human a horse is) either way, the gist remains the same. I have found that there are many types of humans just like there are many types of horses. Of course, each human as well as each horse is unique in his or her very own way, but there are general characteristics that show up, if we are careful enough to watch body language, or feel into the energy, that can be categorized into types.

Horses are often typed according to what we are best at, whether that be draft, sport, companion types.  Further character types appear within the breeds that fit those categories, such that, for example, both a thoroughbred, quarter horse, morgan and arabian are all considered sport horses, but the kinds of sports they are best at are different.

But that is not the type I am really interested in. I am interested in the type of character of the person, or the horse– the attitude and energy make-up of them. This is important when humans are deciding on what type of horse suits them bests; and for us horses, it is important for us to understand a person on a very deep level. We are always trying to help humans understand themselves on this deeper level– to understand what type of horse they are– so we can meet at the origin of spirit energy– which is deep joy. This deep joy perfects the horse-human relationship in all kinds of important and thrilling ways!

Over the next few days we will look at various general types of horses and humans, and how they can best understand how to work together for the benefit of both!

In the meantime, why don’t you take some time to size yourself up? What are your basic emotions? What are your most fundamental feelings, deep down where there is a kind of secret in your heart? What is most true about your self? What are your dreams like?

You can also ask your horse these questions. You can even ask your horse’s opinion about your self!

Try it. A lot can be revealed in a short time.


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