Practicing with the Long Rope

Here is a video of Gypsie & I practicing dance steps on the long rope. The long rope is a great way to begin transitioning from the codero to work at liberty. You can use the neck ring part of the long rope as a codero is you begin to loose the horse’s attention; and then you can gradually move further out.

Walk of Life

This video was removed from youtube — but I did not edit the music into the video. The music was live in the background while the student merely performed this dance with Gypsie. It was a first-take real take — there was no practicing of this performance. The student had taken a 4-level series workshop on energy and body language with horses, and then decided to do this dance in real time. No preparation for the horse. And no editing. Just live and in real time.

Pair of Deuces

My friend took this photo from overlooking the horse pasture. It shows my two mares , ‘Jhana (the chestnut) and Gypsie (the bay) and the two babies, ‘Merra (the chestnut filly) and Rio (the bay gelding). ‘Jhana and ChoCho are the dam and sire of both babies, but as this picture illustrates, Rio looks just as much as his aunt Gypsie, as ‘Merra looks like her mom, ‘Jhana. They are all real good movers — and love this game I play of moving them around the pasture/ paddock area.