This introductory workshop allows participants to move into the world of the horse, to experience their natural enthusiasm for relationship, to practice using our outer senses and engage our inner senses to feel more deeply, learn how to ground our energy in an open and balanced orientation to the horse, to learn how to receive their gifts, to re-member our bodies in relational space, and to re-imagine our primordial origins in nature.

We start with basic awareness of relational space and interactions among the herd, and allow a special bond to form between us and a horse that we choose (or mostly, one that chooses us.) We learn how to approach, engage, connect and share space through basic body language and energy awareness. In the indoor barn we practice companion walking and body scanning.

The workshop is held between 10 am and 2 pm and is limited to 4 participants. By appointment:  $ 135/ per person

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