The language of our bodies is the fundamental communication of humans and horses. Few people are aware of their body language, and the disconnect between what their bodies are saying, and their inner emotional and motivational state. This is a condition that the horse rejects. The horse is drawn toward coherent language, where body, emotion, and intention are all aligned. This workshop is designed to increase our awareness of our emotional and motivational state, and how that translates into body language. By practicing the basic body language of the horse, we move toward deeper self-understanding and greater authenticity.



Along with all other mammals, humans have a core affect stream which includes seven basic primordial feelings: CARE, PANIC, ANGER, FEAR, LUST, SEEKING and PLAY. These affect streams are constantly in communication with our environment, and help to keep us in balance. However, these fundamental feelings can be conditioned by secondary processes and become attached to memories, traumas, expectations, and other narratives in limiting and unhealthy ways. With the help of the horses, this workshop teaches us how to disentangle the primary feelings from the hyper-complexified emotions, so we can allow our self to restore and regenerate balance as we navigate constantly changing situations.


This workshop brings us to an even deeper level of awareness to our core energy. Our emotions and our actions all begin with the well-spring of energy that is the source of all life. We can connect with the horse at this source, where horse and human dance in the experience of natural enthusiasm and joy.

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