Leading with Yin

Level 2 & 3 Energy & Spirit workshops at Alderlore teach leading with Yin and following with Yang. The following is a video of Gypsie Wings who is the most powerful leader I have ever met. The circumstances here is that she is giving a workshop on dance steps, and had a lot of energy accumulated in her, so I wanted to let her “blow off ” all that psychic energy, and watched for the moment when she engaged in my yin invitation. The entire process took much longer than what you see here — she ran and ran and ran, to her heart’s content, before she decided to connect. Yes, that’s right, she decided. Enjoy.

Chickens Arrive at Alderlore!

We received 12 wonderful rare breed chickens for Christmas! 3 Maran Hens (the large wheaten colored ones) who lay mahogany-red eggs, 6 Serama Hens – the tiny ones — they are the world’s smallest chickens and lay eggs that are perfect for pickling or cob salads; and  three New Game Bantams — who look like chickens on stilts, or as we say in the video – velociptor raptors.

Oh! We also received 2 new fawn-colored ducks named Rosie and Ronnie. Thanks to Amy, here is a photo of them swimming with Drake and Drummer in the pond down by the barn.