Dance Routines

These August days have been brilliant and hot. I have been quite lazy, and that seems to suit the horses, too. We practice in a light and playful spirit. We take videos with a little flip camera and post them right onto youtube without editing. Everything is kept simple and short. As always, we look for softness in our hearts, in our minds, in our bodies.

Here are two short clips of ChoCho and me learning a new dance step. It’s basically a pirouette in opposite directions. The key for him is to distinguish the “turn, face and stop” cue from the “keep going I’m spinning” cue.  The key for me is to keep my body language precise. We didn’t practice before getting out the video. We just pointed and shot in real time.

The first clip is our practice run with a long line/ neck rope. The second clip we do it truly at liberty– with no rope attached. Enjoy.

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