~ To Know the Horse is to Recognize the Self ~


Horses are magnificent beings.

We hope to understand their energy.

We hope to connect with their spirit

But how do we do this?

There is a “test” that we must pass

before the horse will reveal himself.

First we must be willing to approach
the horse in an honest and open way.

Then we must be able to dissolve
our “defense shield” – the layers
of our emotions that come between us.

We must be able to offer a balanced
and coherent presence for the horse to meet.

We must allow the encounter to unfold
on its own terms, in its own timeframe.

 The horse already “sees” you on a deeper level.

The horse senses your bio-electric field
the system of all your emotions.

The horse feels your subtle energy field
the system through which energy moves
within you and radiates outward to the world.

The horse already “knows” you on this deeper level.

If you don’t know this yourself
you present a puzzle to the horse.

On the outside you may have a smile and some kind words.
On the deeper level, you may be a bundle of nerves.

On the outside you might be dressed like the commander
shouting commands with all your training gear.
On the deeper level you may be spinning
in a whirlpool of ambition and  frustration.
On the outside you ask  the horse
for trust , companionship and love.
On the deeper level you yourself
are distrustful and hollow and
have nothing to offer in return.

This is a state of incongruence, that the horse rejects.

The Horse will remain a mystery to us
as long as we are not aware of our
Self at this deeper level.

~ To know the Horse is to recognize the Self  ~

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