Conscious Evolution

On Saturday the Horses at Alderlore presented a workshop for the cohorts of the Graduate Insititute’s  Master’s Program in Conscious Evolution. We had begun the day by reflecting on the notion of “consciousness going all the way down” — and what that means not only intellectually, but experientially. The class created some really interesting energy field drawings that demonstrated deep intuitive awareness between them and the horses. In the afternoon, we sat down together with Remington in the horse classroom (aka the barn) where Remington stole the show, and wove himself into the hearts and imaginations of the students, as we watched a wearied old thoroughbred tell us about happiness, silliness, the limitless joys of life and relationship with others.

I will never tire of learning from my horses– at the wonder of seeing them delight others in a way that seems so extraordinarily generous, but comes so naturally from them.

Special thanks to Amy Mielke for sharing the photos.

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