The King


I want to introduce the character type The King Everyone agrees this is who I am. You can see how much I resemble the figure in Klaus Hempfling’s book that epitomizes The King.


And here is a photo from the book, and below one of me working out.


Here is what Klaus Hempfling writes about The King in his book What Horses Reveal

The nature

The King is uncomplicated in his nature. Hardly anything unnerves him. He is tougher than the Minister and not quite as sensitive. He is one of the three types of horses that as a rule are very well suited to High School levels of training.

Spontaneous associations with the King

… the King is an outstandingly good horse, often a sort of icon. He is uncomplicated, clear, powerful, honest, practical, loyal, noble and ‘discreet’ in his nature. This horse enjoys good health, he is quiet because of inner strength, grounded, spirited, and very alert in character, and he usually has a solid compact conformation.

Which person suits the King?

This is no beginner’s horse: he must and will scale the highest heights, and so he is a horse for an experienced horseperson who wants to achieve mastery of himself and with his horse. If this is not offered to the King, then depression, sorrow and grieving for unused and dormant talent will ensue.

The King is a horse for mature human beings. And if such a horse and a mature, experienced, enlightened horseperson meet, few words and aids are needed, and there is no fuss. They are as one from the very beginning, full of respect and modest self-awareness.

In bad or unpracticed hands, this horse will quickly become brutal. He does not become sad but merely atrophies, which results in a sort of unemotional and unmerciful aggression. Then a horse of this type, particularly a stallion, can become a killer: he reacts without any pity, and the consistency that this horse offers his humans in positive ways is then employed in battle against them. This is merely the other side of the same coin. In work and in daily relationship these horses are open and honest. You must always be able to give them answers to their questions.

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