The Color Field of A Horse

When I am feeling intimate with my horses, one of the meditative exercises I like to do is to color their energy field at that moment. This exercise is a way to practice feeling into the energy and working intuitively with the Spirit of the Horse as it moves in vibrant and oftentimes brilliant fields of energy. We talk alot in our workshops about energy having a certain shape– more precisely, it is the movement and flow of the fields that together combine to give us a sense of shape, just like the movement of the electron in the atoms are responsible for giving us the impression that a table is a solid object, albeit physics tells us that it is made of atoms that are themselves mostly “empty” space.

Here is a coloring I did of  ‘Jhana recently

colorjhanaIt helped remind me of what a remarkable being she is, the strength of her intention, her HUGE heart, the way she inhabits space through a loyal and dependable presence, the lightness of her back end, the power through her loins, and her rootedness in the earth, especially true to green of germination, renewal and spring.

Through digital technology, I can get the image closer to the feeling of her energy field:


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