Pure Joy

If there were a “purpose” toward my work on being in relationship with the horse in a new way, then it is not so much about teaching the horse to live in the human world, under our set of languages, expectations, rules, categories, culture and sport– but it is for ourselves to learn how to be with the horse in his world, to cross over, so to speak, into a world that allows the radiance of Horse Energy to outshine even our human soul, and to dip into that stream of pure joy and exuberance which is the natural essence of Horse Spirit. My stallion Khemancho, is teaching me how to be with him there, and I can tell you — its pure joy – both horse and human being completely unbridled — becomes a dance beyond words.

Here, anyway, is what it looked like yesterday. At one point in the video I step backwards and fall on my fanny. ChoCho is so tuned into me, he thinks it is a “new move” and tries to lay his fanny down in the snow, too. WHAT A HOOT!

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